Selected Work

Who am I?

I could bore you with all the dates, education, and skills typically found in a CV, but let me get straight to the point. I shifted from a different field as a kindergarten teacher to my current role in social media management.


Over the past three years, I've been freelancing, managing over six accounts. Specializing in strategy and content creation, the portfolio showcases significant growth.


I started in 2021 and have taken numerous courses in social media and content creation, successfully turning it into my full-time job as of now.

These are not just clients; they are success stories that I've had the privilege to be a part of:

Story of MLS


In 2022, MLS felt their Instagram was boring and disconnected from followers.


I stepped in to create engaging and educational content, aiming to captivate followers and highlight products.


The strategy worked! We saw a substantial 400 OMR sales boost, largely through organic reach, by promoting the whole carcass.

Story of Jep


Jep's Instagram was struggling - not many people were seeing or liking their posts.


I jumped in with a plan. We created content that people liked, and I used ads to show it to the right people.


Guess what? It worked! More people started liking and seeing Jep's posts. The strategy really turned things around for Jep's Instagram.



But we didn't stop there! On TikTok, we whipped up some cool content for Jep, and within just 3 months, their account hit 10.6K followers!

Story of Universal Traveller


Tim approached me with a big goal: becoming a luxury hotel influencer. The catch? His account had been quiet for over a year.


We didn't shy away from the challenge. Tim opted for the full social media management package, encompassing strategy, content creation using the visuals he provided, community building, and expansion to platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.


And here's the magic – within the first three months, our crafted strategy worked wonders. Tim not only revived his dormant account but also secured up to four luxury hotel collaborations monthly. We even had the pleasure of working with renowned hotels worldwide!

Selected Clients