The services

Babe, listen up! If your social media game isn’t on point yet, you need to step it up, pronto! Let’s
get real: in today’s world, if your business isn’t social and you’re not rocking content marketing,
you’re on the fast track to being yesterday’s news. But hey, don’t stress! I’m here to help you
turn it all around. Let’s dive into this digital world together and make your brand the talk of the town!

Social Media Coaching:

Together, we’ll craft a killer content strategy tailored just for your platforms. Imagine having a
roadmap for the whole month, detailing what to post, when to post, and how to nail it. And the
best part? All you need to do is hit that record button and bring your magic to life.

All Done for You:

Imagine sitting back, sipping your favorite drink, while we do all the heavy lifting for your brand.
From creating content that sparkles with your brand’s story, to recording, editing, and posting it –
we’ve got it all covered. You name it, we do it! It’s like having a magic wand for your brand’s
social media presence. So, kick back, relax, and watch your brand soar on social media.


If you’re a small business owner eager to learn everything about social media and boost your
brand on social media platforms, then this course is perfect for you. I will teach you everything
I’ve learned the hard way, but in the easiest way possible, so you can achieve fast and
consistent growth.

This is me

My Story:

Heyy, I’m Shadi Amini. I started my social media journey as a little side hustle 3 years ago. Guess what? It bloomed into my full-time passion, and now I make my living from it! Along the way, I’ve had the joy of helping lots of small businesses and creators grow and infuse life into their online content.

My target is only and only small businesses and creators. You know why? My mom owned a small business, and I saw firsthand how hard it was for her to grow on social media with the help of all these marketing agencies! Most marketing agencies ask for big investments, which can be a tough stretch for a small business. Working with so many small businesses, I’ve really come to understand the challenges they face, especially when it comes to budgeting for marketing in the early stages. This often leaves them with a tough choice: try to figure out social media on their own or miss out on its benefits altogether. But hey, that’s where I come in – no more tough choices! I’m here to offer a friendly hand to every small business owner. Whether you’re keen to learn and manage your social media yourself or you’d like some guidance to grow your presence, I’m here for you. Let’s make social media a fun and fruitful part of your journey!

A Passion for Empowering Through Education
I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of knowledge. My role goes beyond just creating content; I’m here to be a teacher. Every business owner, from small startups to large corporations, should understand the essentials of social media, content marketing, and more. I’m excited to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive.

Cherishing Your Resources
I fully recognize the hurdles of tight budgets and limited time. No matter the size of your business, I’m dedicated to supporting your growth in the most efficient way possible. Your achievements are a reflection of my commitment.

Growing Together
Let’s embark on an exciting journey of creativity, learning, and progress. Whether you’re just beginning, running a local store, or managing an online enterprise, I’m here to steer you towards achieving your dreams.

Your Success, My Driving Force
My passion extends beyond content and strategy; it’s rooted in your success. Your unique story deserves to be heard, and I’m enthusiastic about bringing it to the forefront. Let’s make your aspirations a reality together.

Welcome to a world where small businesses shine, and knowledge is a driving force.

Hear From My Clients

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Our initial challenge was the ability to create dynamic and trending videos for use on Instagram and TikTok. Having had no previous service, we turned to MediabyShadi for assistance. Their services proved invaluable, leading to a remarkable increase in reach and sales for our content. Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend MediabyShadi to others seeking effective solutions for content creation and digital marketing.
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Starting a business is exciting, but it's easy to forget how important it is to handle everything properly for steady growth. I realized I was neglecting a crucial part – marketing. That's when I decided to trust MediabyShadi for help. We got their full-time social media management and content creation services, and it made a big difference. More leads kept coming in, leading to higher sales and profits. If you don't have a skilled in-house marketing team, I'd strongly recommend bringing MediabyShadi on board. They know how to generate leads and boost sales, especially for service-based businesses like mine.