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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 13:17

"Shadi Amini" Autobiography

"10th of July 1986, I wan born in Pasargad Hospital of Tehran, in a family who are familiar with music, although are not musicians. I have always been feeling close to my grandpa's singing "Dashti" and have always been crooning Persian Old Songs with people around.

Since I got able to write, I also got eager to compose. Composed tales and told the classmates. Teachers knew about it and sometimes called me via "Amini?; Don't you mind tell us a new story, if you have?" And I have always been reading the stories with a loudly then.

My first poet was written in 12 years old of mine, for the essay of school's first term, in a type named "She're No" in Persian. My mind got focused on "Where the love's house, is..." as a topic of essay, and just started to write. I knew that it's "Sohrab's" but had never read before. My teacher encouraged me, she loved my composition. I got so passionate about it and my poets' notebook was playing the role of memory notebook in the days after.

The first lyrics I composed made me passionate about singing it someday. Who can offer my feeling better than myself? The jealous feeling that was always forcing me to imagine the childhood, or the creature that I had to make it grow up... With this passion got busy about learning guitar and singing via the creative professors and made melodies for some of the songs of mine. They are partly performed by other friends and partly to be performed in future.

I hope I can make you feel the same as I feel by singing my songs, to have more passion than I had before for keeping on this way...!!!"

-Shadi Amini

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 12:49

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